"When staying at The Pet Mansion not only do they make sure my dog comes home clean they always wash her blankets too. I love that the staff goes that extra mile to take care of my baby"

"When dropping off my dog for day care everyday, I'm now able to drive up to the front door and let him run in by himself. Its great to find a place that not only my dog trust but I trust as well. I can tell he really enjoys going here!"

"Our dog loves the daycare - he's tired just like I am after a long day and is ready to settle down on the couch for some cuddle time.

"My two little guy's didn't want to go home. I was sad but happy they had such a great time." tlc_2.jpg

"When boarding my dogs at The Pet Mansion, they become very excited when we pull up and they see the Rippley family there waiting to greet them."

"On days that my puppy doesn't get to go to daycare I can tell he misses the interaction with The Pet Mansion staff and the other dogs."

"Not only do my dogs get plenty of love from the staff but they also get the chance to become well socialized with the other dogs."

"I left my Boxer Mix at the Pet Mansion for 10 days and when I came to pick her up I could tell she didn't want to leave."

Thank you and your staff for the wonderful and loving care given to Beau while we were out of town.
He is glad to be back with family and home again.  I am so happy at the wonderful care he received while staying at the Pet Mansion.  We appreciate it.

Carl and Valerie Casey

"I warned the staff at The Pet Mansion that my lab did not like men. When it was time to board her I noticed the first person she came up to was Greg (which is a man), something I have never seen her do before. I could tell Greg and his family have a very strong love and passion for the dogs there."

"I have a very energetic Boxer that never seems to settle down. I brought her to daycare for the day and when she came home she was completely worn out. I can not thank them enough for finally giving her the exercise that she needs that we can not give her at home."

"To anyone that is looking for a great grooming spot this is it. The Pet Mansion has a great pet stylist with many years of experience. She did a wonderful job, I would highly recommend her to anyone"

Dear Rippley family;
We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the wonderful treatment you provided for Zayne & Zoryn while we were out of town. Even though they only stayed at your facility for the weekend they came home exhausted but very happy and content puppies!! This was the first time that we left our "babies" with someone other than our close friends and just as any parent worries about leaving their kids with strangers we wondered how our "kids" would be taken care of! We want you to know how very pleased we were to see that you treated our "kids" with so much love and attention! We do not travel without our puppies very often but whenever we travel where we can not take our "kids" we will definitely be returning to your facility!! Zayne & Zoryn wouldn't have it any other way!! You have a lovely set up that is so obviously devoted to making the pets that stay with you feel absolutely at home. We would highly recommend your facility to anyone looking for a trustworthy, loving, caring and economical boarding facility!! Thanks again for the absolutely wonderful treatment you provided to our "kids"!! You truly do have the dogs best interests at heart and we could not be more grateful for people like you!!
John & Deana French
Human parents of Zayne & Zoryn

Dear Greg, Delana and Family,

I would like to take a moment to say thank you for the wonderful treatment you provide to Oreo.

It is always a great experience for him. We had experience with other places and I can tell when my big teddy bear is happy. The moment I say 'school today ?' He jumps like a little horse. I don't have words to thank you enough for your dedication, loving, caring and professionalism. All those who are serviced by you, can perceive you do things with love. God bless you !

Thank you, Oreo's Mom, Filo

Thanks for taking such good care of my gang. Between you two, your staff and Tracey, I have never been more confident in their care when I was away than I am now. My dogs had responded wonderfully to your entire team at doggie daycare once a week, even my shy one, that I knew they would find their stay with you for the 2 weeks both comfortable and fun. It was a relief to have a long vacation and not call the boarding facility every 2 days to check on them. This was the first time I did not feel that need! You two have put together a very special place and the dogs are who tell me how terrific it is.
-Diane Divin